Albany Partners - The History

Founded in 2004, A P Construction builds: strong, well-built multifamily, commercial and residential projects; powerful partnerships with our preferred vendors; certainty in our dedicated, learned and unified staff; sureness in our commitment to business excellence; and a humble belief that the outcome of our hard work must include earning our customer's confidence. At our best, we deliver on our promise to:

  • produce lasting, high-quality and cost-efficient buildings,
  • use durable and dependable products and highly skilled vendors,
  • espouse work site safety,
  • embrace open communication,
  • champion innovation, and
  • execute excellence.

The right combination of what we build provides a competitive advantage for our parent development company, Albany Partners

Core Values, Virtues, Behaviors and Dimensions of our Leadership

Statement of Values

A P Construction will intentionally employ those professionals, partner with those vendors who consistently treat one another and pursue business success by:

  • Placing honesty and respect for others above all else
  • Exhibiting intrinsically healthy moral and ethical behaviors
  • Embracing shared decision making
  • Demonstrating financial responsibly and accountability and accepting that lean budgets are developed with best efforts and then are used to guide decision making and measure results
  • Recognizing, Acknowledging and Valuing the potential in others
  • Preferring to ask why when evaluating conventional practices instead of defending them by arguing why not
  • Operating with a lean, high performing team while maintaining a healthy disdain for bureaucracy
  • Being willing to accept and learn from mistakes
  • Being committed and driven to achieve the mission and vision of A P Construction
Virtues and Behaviors That Drive Success

  • Realistic, Trusting, while knowing when to verify
  • Using positive reinforcement as the best practice for managing the right behaviors in others
  • Maintains high morale with minimal or no office 'politics'
  • Respectful and courteous
  • Courageous and resolute
  • Forthright, professionally assertive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Flexible and open minded
  • Communicative
  • Knowledge Driven
  • Dignified
  • Organized and effective time management
  • Good citizenship
  • Proactive and creative
  • Forward looking
  • Resourcefulness

Information, Technology and Knowledge

A P Construction is knowledge based learning organization that will utilize technology and integrated scalable systems and infrastructure that enables success in all aspects of its business practices including but not limited to:
1. Measuring and driving the right results
2. Project management
3. Project accounting, cost estimating, forecasting
4. The communicating and sharing of information and knowledge with all internal and external customers
5. Enabling learning and growth, gaining insights from all of our endeavors